Its amazing how many new terms first spun on the internet that widespread with rapid pace and suddenly is what you hear from the young teenagers and later in an article in the free papers you read coming back from.

Now an avatar is used for the nice old fashioned passport photo as well, so when my blog needed a little nifty mugshot then I was looking for an avatar and stopped at Gravatar. Its actually quite cool as it integrates with my gmail account so I am able to switch the mugshot later on.
Gravator must be the next company that is acquired by one of the bigger fish - if not already.

When I needed to upload a photo they even had a simple and slick UI to crop the picture. It just works. And this is my point. I am in this part of my life now that I don't want to use 2-3 nights to figure out how it works - I just want it to work out-of-the-box. The days are over where I was reading magazines about new computer parts and using 1 week to assemble all the parts bought from several vendors to save costings.

So make software that "Just works".

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