Riding the WebSphere Bus

At my current client that unfortunately is keen on IBM and thus we are on the AIX and IBM WebSphere 6.x servers.

We are in the process of evaluating some ESB platforms that must run in WebSphere 6.1, so in that perspective I had the fortune to ride the IBM WebSphere Bus today. Yes I didn't think it had a Bus but this is what its internal JMS provider more or less is re-branded as.

Eventually I had a ride with the bus, but as always it wasn't a joy ride. The goal is to use WebSphere 6.1 embedded JMS for messaging. So the task was to create a queue to store messages that the various ESB candidate platforms can use to publish messages to.

I have spent the most of the afternoon in the dreadful IBM console to setup the Bus and configure the JMS providers, connection factories, jndi bindings and whatnot. During trial and error with a candidate (Mule 2.0.1) it was quite a ride to decipher all these WebSphere exceptions. One good point worth mentioning is that WebSphere uses an token ide for the given exception that is easy to google. However its online documentation that you get when you click "Help" in the console wasn't to much use.

The morale of the story is that it wasn't a very easy task to setup and know we need to write multi pages word documentation with screenshot of every single step with red circles and precise instructions for the operations management when they get to the point where they are responsible for installation and configuration of the WebSphere Bus.

That's a pity we have to ride this Bus when there are more sexy transportation's out there!

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