Apache Camel 1.4.0 Released

Just after 3½ months since release 1.3.0 of Apache Camel we have been very busy and have resolved 261 tickets.

Check out the release notes and go grab it from the download page.

If you are not familiar with Apache Camel then check out the FAQ or the Getting Started guide.

If you have more time and a fresh brew of coffee then I encourage you to read a somewhat different tutorial that focus on introducing Camel into an existing project step by step. The tutorial is work in progress, so check it out from time to time. The tutorial is based on a real life use-case.

If you have less time check out the regular tutorial that demonstrates how Camel easily work well together with Spring for message exchanges over JMS.

If you have questions about Camel then please check out the forums/mailinglists.

And then the answer to the mother of all questions about Camel.

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