Generate toString() v4.0.6 released

As the author of the generate toString() plugin to IDEA I do have a job to maintain this plugin. I had a few user reports lying around for a while and this morning I thought I wanted to do some IDEA hacking instead of the Camel.

The release only contains 2 minor bugfixes, but importantly one of the bugs was reported by an end-user and we want to keep them happy ;)

The changelog for those interested:

v4.0.6 for IDEA 7.x (05-juli-2008)
- [BUG] ID17: Proper resource handling for loading template files
- [BUG] ID21: $member.typeName and $member.typeQualifiedName did not handle generic and primitve types


Unknown said...

please no JDK 6 compilation. IntelliJ Mac users are not able to use JDK6 with IDEA.

Claus Ibsen said...

Sorry I have just released v4.0.7 that should fix this. Please try it out and let me know.