SeeBeyond - The Beast

Rewinding my life back 2 years and I would be a happy person with an IT-job thinking one of the worst platforms I have been working with was IBM WebSphere. Happy unaware of a enterprise integration platform named SeeBeyond exists. SeeBeyond was later acquired by Sun, and the platform was then re branded as CAPS. My client was actually promised that CAPS was able to run on IBM WebSphere, but that is not true. That would have been a double nightmare!

My current client, unfortunately, uses this platform. During my 1½ working with this platform I must admit that I would never dare to run my business on this platform. Well the runtime platform is somewhat okay as its the Sun Application Server running the integrations, and its very stable. But the poor staff that has to monitor the server can't decode its strange logging errors from time to time, and its damm hard to make it shut up.

Where the platform really excels in lack of quality is its support and developer tools. You are forced to use these tools. The developer tools is a old fork of NetBeans that is so buggy and hard to use that its a nightmare to change an existing integration. For instance I have spent the last 5 hours to update and existing integration with a new webservice contract. My god does it toss out strange errors. The solution is always to create the damm integration from scratch. Have your fingers crosssed that it will compile and build the integration and you are able to deploy it.

As I am also having a foot in the lighter marked with Apache Camel I can't dare to think that I would have the job done in less than 1 hour with Camel. And I would not worry that I wont be able to compile and build my binaries just because I have to use a really poor tool that doesn't give me the control to run a build with javac, ANT or Maven that we all take for granted today.

At least my client has realized the platform is a no go for the future and we will in the future look for a new platform.

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