Camel now has HL7 support

I recently committed a new component camel-hl7 to Apache Camel to support HL7 in terms of:
- the HL7 MLLP (Minimal Link Layer Protocol) for HL7 services over the network
- a HL7 parser for the ER7 format (EDI based) with the HAPI library.

At my current client HL7 is a quite common data format for data interchange in the health care industry. And as the Capital Region of Denmark we of course also use HL7 for integrations. However not many of the Integration Platforms out there has some kind of HL7 support.

As the HAPI framework is quite well used we don't have any doubts not using it, and as the HL7 MLLP is just a "plugin" to Apache Mina we should be well covered with the network stuff.

The camel-hl7 component will be included as of Camel 1.5 that currently is in progress.

I have since received a few mails from people in same situation where they had to roll out the own solution. They are looking with interest that we have this feature out-of-the-box with Apache Camel.


Anonymous said...

Does camelHL7 component support HL7V3?

Claus Ibsen said...

No camel-hl7 uses HAPI which supports 2.x only. See more at: http://hl7api.sourceforge.net/