Generate toString() bundled in IDEA 8

Great news. Jetbrains is now bundling my plugin into the IDEA distribution.

I received this mail from Jetbrains:

Hello Claus,

A couple of days ago we saw a post on your blog complaining about the breakage in our OpenAPI. While in general this is indeed a big problem, in this particular case we can offer you a great solution: bundling your plugin in the IntelliJ IDEA distribution. In this case we'll update your plugin code ourselves while doing the API refactorings.

If you agree, we'll move the plugin to our Subversion repository. It will of course remain open-source, and you'll of course have commit access to the part of repository containing your plugin.

Are you interested in this?

Dmitry Jemerov
Development Lead
JetBrains, Inc.
"Develop with Pleasure!"
This is great news for the plugin. Jetbrains will ensure that it stays compatible with their future lines and the plugin was mostly feature complete anyway.

So after 6+ years of development of this plugin its nice to know that it have found a new home.

I want to thank Jetbrains for listening. Amazing they read my blog ;).
And of course all the people that have contributed to the plugin in any form, without you the plugin would have been so popular:

- Bas Leijdekkers for initial port of plugin to IDEA 7
- Mike Abney, Spencer Goh and Tom Gaigner for contributing templates that have been inspirations for improving the default templates
- Martin Schmid for submitting java code for field chooser dialog used in earlier versions
- Roman Porotnikov for improving templates
- Glen Schrader for showing how to add this plugin in the generate menu (alt + ins)
- Igor Levit for implementing the conflict resolution policy code and improving the settings UI
- Vince Mallet for upgrading the plugin to various Aurora versions
- Dave Griffith for inspiration how to use Inspection by sneaking his great InspectionGadget plugin source code
- Rick Maddy for explaining how the migration to the new plugin repository works (the since-build stuff)
- Mark Scott for the hint how to set Veloicty to log in IDEAs log files.
- Sascha Weinreuter (author of Smart Introduce plugin) for UI code to the quick template selection list
- Mark Scott for the hint how to fix the indent of toString() in the generate menu honoring icons

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machak said...

Hi Claus,
thx for providing this plugin ;-)
+5(?) years a very happy user of it,