Camel Tutorial - Using Axis with Camel

I have been cranking on some beginner tutorials on using Apache Camel. As of late I was asked how Camel integrates with existing applications using Apache Axis 1.4 as the webservice stack.

Well the question is valid as in my opinion its important for a framework to be versatile, flexible and appeal to the entire community. Apache Camel shouldn't be a high-level framework for geeks only.

So to demonstrate how you step by step can integrate a web application using Axis with Spring and Camel I have created a new tutorial "how to use good old Axis 1.4 with Camel" with an example application that will be distributed with the next release of Apache Camel.

Happy reading. And remember to check out the other tutorials as well.
If you have the time then the report incident tutorial is worth a read.

And if you fancy some more routing and what Camel can bring to the table in that regards, then I suggest you check out Eduard Hildebrandts award winning power point presentation, that is listed in the Articles section.

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