Camel 1.5.0 Release

As my last post hinted it was only a matter of hours before Apache Camel 1.5.0 was released.

Bruce Snyder was so kind to blog this news. Always great when the community is there to help spread the word.

Apache Camel is really as Bruce write very much a community driven development ;) The Camel riders takes the community very seriously and we are active on the forums and as well on the IRC chat.

For me personally this is the 3rd consecutive released I have been involved with. Early Camel riders on the 1.2 or older much have noticed that we have picked up the pace and have released 3 major releases this year yet alone. Each release containing more than 200 issues addressed.

This release has widespread new features, improvements and bug fixes that it would take me quite some time to blog. So go read the release note that has detailed information about the changes.

This is again a marvelous work by both the Camel developers and the community behind it.

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