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The Apache Camel community is very much alive and kicking. As my Camel rider journey started about 1 year ago I have seen a community with tremendous prospects. This is great news for Apache Camel that this community and it's contributors is around. In fact we are in talks to promote Apache Camel as a Apache Top Level Project (TLP).

I was wondering if anyone knows of some good stats aggregator for Open Source Communities? ohloh has potential but it only, to my knowledge, scans the source code commits. What I am looking for is metrics for activity in forums, irc channels, blogs on Camel, JIRA tickets analysis, talks about Camel on conventions, Authors write books about Camel, number of downloads, Companies offering training, support, etc. etc.

Anyone know of such metrics exists?

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Jonathan Anstey said...

Here's some that I know of...

Mark Mail has a nice analysis of Camel in various mailing lists (not just Camel lists).

The graph looks pretty good too ;)

Also, there is always the Nabble rankings for mail list activity...

For JIRA tickets, the Contribution Report is a good indicator of how many have contributed patches, comments, etc. The list is getting pretty long now!