Camel Community is Rocking

The Apache Camel community is a vibrant community with many contributors.

As Gert Venthiensen blogged two new tutorials has been created. Charles Mouillard have created a great tutorial on how to use Apache Camel in various OSGi containers such as Apache ServiceMix and Spring DM. And this is just part 1, he will continue the tutorial.

Ramon Buckland contributed a totally new component to Camel for tidying up ugly HTML using TagSoup. Yeah we had a challenge with the name as TagSoup isn't so catch, so it's named tidyMark in the DSL.

The Camel riders thanks these great contributions. We love contributions and welcome your contributions in any form, on the forums, IRC char, blogs, JIRA issue tracker, improving the documentation and of course also code contributions.

And there are more contributions in the brew. Check out the camel user and dev forums for the discussions.

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