Camel Tutorial - Part 5

I finally had some time and was in the mood to do some wiki bashing again.

It's been long overdue since I last wrote a part of the lengthy Camel tutorial. Part 4 is four months old.

So now I am happy to announce that I have added a new part 5 that focus on two aspects
- how to embed Camel with Spring to let Spring handle Camel lifecycle such as properly starting and stopping Camel
- And the anticipated how to use CXF webservice endpoints directly in Camel routes.

I promise that the next part wont take four months to complete. I already have it planned as to demonstrate how to create the same route using XML instead of Java code. In fact we might not need any Java code at all ;)

Oh and the link to part 5 is here.

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Anonymous said...

Hi claus ibsen,
I am new to camel EIPS,my query is can u tel me how to write a message for every 5 seconds using log component.