Freemarker now integrated into Apache Camel

Freemarker is a nice templating engine. They switched license from GPL to BSD and that is great news for the community as its Apache friendly.

As of today a FUSE customer was using Velocity but had trouble with its internal usage of commons-collection, so as an engineer in the FUSESource team, we offered to integrate Freemarker with Camel as an alternative solution, so the customer can switch template engine and avoid the commons-collection jars.

That is a double win for the Apache Camel community with the license change and the quick respond of the FUSESource team to help the customer. Now the component is committed into the public Apache SVN for the goods of the entire community.

The camel-freemarker component will be part of Apache Camel 1.6 and also included in the FUSE enterprise Camel version v1.5.4.0.

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