FUSE Team here I come

Writing this blog marks two special events for me:
- new hire at FUSESource
- changed computer from XP to the Mac

For the people that has been following the Apache Camel community for some time, will know that I have been active in this community and was voted in as a committer for 6-7 months ago. I am happy to announce that I am new hire at Progress in the FUSE team since 1st January 2009, where I will work full time on Apache Camel. So if you thought before I might was working full time, I can tell, it was just in my spare time. So yeah there is room fore even more work and help on the user forums.

As a new hire you are given a free choice of equipment at FUSESource so I took the opportunity to grab one of these fabulous MacBook Pro's. So this is my first blog entry I am wring from Mac.

I must say I wish I have changed beforehand, but for 2.5 years ago when my last work computer was bought, the Mac wasn't as dominant computer for full time on-site client consultancy work.  
The transition to the Mac isn't without its fun. There are a lot of new key combinations to master, especially in IDEA that I have been using since v2.x. At one time I hit a combo that turned on a narrator, so my Mac would speak to me which keys I was typing or what I was seeing on the screen. Took me a while to find the settings to turn it off. This was just as fun, as its is to spin around in the Spaces. Can't live without it now. 

I wish to thank my former employer, Silverbullet, thank you very much for 2,5 years of good time with great colleagues and valuable experience doing full time client consultancy. 

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congrats! :)