Apache Camel 1.6.0 released

As Jonathan already announced on his blog. Apache Camel 1.6.0 is released.

It marks a corner stone here, as its the first release since Apache Camel became top level project at Apache. 

We decided to keep the old URI syntax for the Camel XSD schemas so you should be able to upgrade without changing any URL's. The old link will redirect to the new top level location.

Originally we planned to do a 1.5.1 release based on bug fixes and a few improvements, but as Apache Camel is very much community driven, we good so many good ideas and feedback from the community what to get in, that the release contains about 170 tickets. So we decided that its should be a new release, hence the 1.6.0 version.

If I should highlight one important fix, that is the exception clauses now uses a better strategy to trigger when a given exception is thrown. Now the strategy is to look into the entire exception hierarchy starting from the bottom and recurring up the tree. This allows you to catch nested exceptions as well. More information here.

I expect the binaries to be pushed into the central mavens soon, if not already there.

As always thanks to the community and Hadrian for doing the actual releases.

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