Free FUSE screencasts - How to use Apache Camel in FUSE ESB 4 using OSGi

Fellow colleague Adrian Trenaman have been busy lately with both live tutorials and screencasts how to use FUSE ESB 4.0, that is the new OSGi powered ESB platform.

I enjoyed watching his screencasts (click FUSE training videos, they are in the bottom) and encourage you to take a look as well. If you haven't touched OSGi, JBI or Camel and wondering how they can integrate seamless in an Enterprise Platform then its a quick win to watch these videos.

The is a series of screencasts:
- Building, Installing and Running FUSE ESB
- Deploying a POJO into FUSE ESB
- Deploying a Web Service into FUSE ESB
- Deploying an Enterprise Integration Pattern into FUSE ESB (using FUSE MR / Apache Camel)
- Deploying a JBI Component into FUSE ESB

Thanks Adrian for doing these fantastic videos. Keep up the good work.

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