Open eHealth Integration Platform build on Apache Camel

Great news for the Camel community. 

Open eHealth Integration Platform is a brand new integration platform targeted at the health care industry. And its build on top of Apache Camel.

Quoting from the teaser:
The Open eHealth Integration Platform (IPF) is an extension of the Apache Camel routing and mediation engine. It has an application programming layer based on the Groovy programming language and comes with comprehensive support for message processing and connecting systems in the eHealth domain.

This is great news for the Camel community that Camel, yet again, is a proven itself to be a player in an ever growing open source world.

Having worked, in the past, as a IT consultant in the health care domain, this new project looks really promising. If you are in this space I recommend taking a look.

On a side note, the usage of Groovy for the DSL really shows the potential and power. Would be good to work together with them to bring their work with the Groovy DSL into the Apache Camel core. 


Martin Krasser said...


thanks for mentioning the Open eHealth IPF in your blog. I'm very interested in bringing some of the IPF features into Camel core, e.g. the Groovy DSL stuff (maybe after some internal restructurings), and also work together in other areas like OSGi support, for example. Let me know which components/features of IPF you could imagine as candidates for Camel core. Want to start a thread on the IPF (or Camel) mailing list?


Claus Ibsen said...


We would love to work together in the future to bring in some of the features.

Willem Jiang have lately improved the osgi in Camel 1.6, so it should be a bit better, than 1.5.

However as we would consider this major new features we would like to keep it to the trunk only (eg Camel 2.0)

James Strachan started a wee attempt on the Groovy DSL a long time ago, so he is thrilled if someone as talented as your team would help bring that in as a first class feature.

I propose to discuss this at the Camel dev. forum to keep eg. James and others in the loop. You could of course post a cross post on the IPF forum as well, to notify users that we have this discussion.

Any thoughts?

Martin Krasser said...


sounds good to me. After we've released IPF 1.6 we anyway plan to move to Camel 2.0. I'll take a look at the current development activities on the Camel trunk and let you know what contribution options I see.