32.000 messages per second with Fuse ESB

Fuse ESB is used in production at Sabre, one of the largest travel infrastructure network, with a peak of 32.000 messages per sec, and been running for over 14 months with 0 downtime.

The news is all over in the US but the good people here in Europe or other good parts of the world should also have the chance to hear.

- NY Times - Have Code, Will Travel - Sabre Chooses Open Source to power its business

Products used
Yes Sabre uses Fuse ESB, Fuse Message Broker and Fuse Mediation Router in its product line. All these Fuse products is based on the corresponding Apache product.  

Interesting statement
What is a very interesting statement from Sabre is, quoting:

"By default, Sabre only chooses off-the-shelf software as its last option if when no open-source solution is available. If there is neither an open-source nor an off-the-shelf solution, Sabre's own technology team will provide an in-house solution."

I anticipate that with todays market temperature and the sheer innovation and increasing acceptance of open source this will spread into other business.
Can you hear me Denmark, - stop playing golf with the same people you to go buying their COTS software !!!

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