Apache Camel Reference Card available at DZone

I will be dammed. My fellow Camel rider, Jonathan beat me to it on my own territory. As you might know we have been working on a reference card for Apache Camel. 

We had a few last minute editorial changes yesterday so I wanted to wait with the announcement, but the cat is out of the sack - or is it Camel :)

The reference card distills 12 of the most common Enterprise Integration Patterns and how to use them with Apache Camel. Later this year we will do a 2nd card with more patterns and also focus on how to leverage transactions. For people that already is familiar with Camel we have added tips and other bits in there so the card should also be interesting for experienced users.
The card is based on Apache Camel 2.0 syntax and thus its fresh content. 

Speaking about Camel 2.0, yeah I need to get started with the blog series what to expect. And yes it will be ready in Q2 2009.


Integration Nirvana: Article on DZone about the Camel

My fellow Camel rider, Jonathan Anstey have written an excellent introduction article about Apache Camel:
The article gives you are great aspect what Camel can do. Jonathan uses a common integration example as the problem at hand, and shows how to solve it with Apache Camel.

I really recommend to take a look at the article if you have 10 minutes to spare. The article is an enjoy to read as its well written and both practical and theoretical. So get a cup of hot coffee ready and after checking your emails, then go read the article.


Apache Camel RefCard up for review

We are working on a new reference card about Enterprise Integration Patterns with Apache Camel.
The card is to be published at DZone

The first card, in a two card series, is provided as a final draft and we would like to give the Apache community the opportunity to review and provide feedback. We would love your feedback before we let the designers loose so they
can create those beautiful cards that DZone have published.

I will quote Mr Wei Ling Chen from DZone
Im in the middle of reaching out to reviewers for the Apache Camel Refcard. Could you forward this draft information below to the Camel folks over there please?

Please see the PDF draft here:
Please submit your comments here:

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Wei ling


Is your bookstore shopable outside the US?

Today I decided to use the excellent discount Bruce Snyder have promoted on the upcoming book - ActiveMQ in Action. So I found it on the Manning website and was ready to fill in my details. As I have a paypall account as well, it was nice to see an option to be able to pay with paypall.

However when I hit the confirm order button I got this error message:
You don't seem to have supplied the recipient's shipping State.
You don't seem to have supplied the recipient's shipping Phone.
ou have selected PayPal as your payment method. Complete all remaining fields and click "Continue" to complete your order.

We people living outside US don't necessary fill in our home address using US standard. Most countries don't even have states. And in todays modern email word why do they need my phone number? I have been able to buy using paypal from other sites, and paypal itself have accepted my details.

I wonder why so many goes to Amazon and order books? You will be able to order it from Amazon UK and avoid massive import tax. And they don't care if I do not live in a state or do not have a phone number listed.

Oh I cannot enter the 2 missing information at the Manning website as the form is hidden/readonly due to the paypal integration. Maybe they need someone outside US to test their international shop as well? 


Apache Camel 2.0M1 on the way

A fellow Camel rider, Hadrian have build the first milestone release of Apache Camel 2.0

Apache Camel 2.0 have been in the works for more than 6 months. We started out last fall, just after the 1.5.0 release. 

So what to expect in Camel 2.0? Yeah good question. I will create a blog series over the next month, until the official release, with this information.

We have had many users on the 2.0-SNAPSHOT for quit a while so we fell that this M1 release is stable. So please go ahead and give it a try. The link in the top of this blog have instructions how to download it.


32.000 messages per second with Fuse ESB

Fuse ESB is used in production at Sabre, one of the largest travel infrastructure network, with a peak of 32.000 messages per sec, and been running for over 14 months with 0 downtime.

The news is all over in the US but the good people here in Europe or other good parts of the world should also have the chance to hear.

- NY Times - Have Code, Will Travel - Sabre Chooses Open Source to power its business

Products used
Yes Sabre uses Fuse ESB, Fuse Message Broker and Fuse Mediation Router in its product line. All these Fuse products is based on the corresponding Apache product.  

Interesting statement
What is a very interesting statement from Sabre is, quoting:

"By default, Sabre only chooses off-the-shelf software as its last option if when no open-source solution is available. If there is neither an open-source nor an off-the-shelf solution, Sabre's own technology team will provide an in-house solution."

I anticipate that with todays market temperature and the sheer innovation and increasing acceptance of open source this will spread into other business.
Can you hear me Denmark, - stop playing golf with the same people you to go buying their COTS software !!!