Apache Camel Reference Card available at DZone

I will be dammed. My fellow Camel rider, Jonathan beat me to it on my own territory. As you might know we have been working on a reference card for Apache Camel. 

We had a few last minute editorial changes yesterday so I wanted to wait with the announcement, but the cat is out of the sack - or is it Camel :)

The reference card distills 12 of the most common Enterprise Integration Patterns and how to use them with Apache Camel. Later this year we will do a 2nd card with more patterns and also focus on how to leverage transactions. For people that already is familiar with Camel we have added tips and other bits in there so the card should also be interesting for experienced users.
The card is based on Apache Camel 2.0 syntax and thus its fresh content. 

Speaking about Camel 2.0, yeah I need to get started with the blog series what to expect. And yes it will be ready in Q2 2009.

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