Is your bookstore shopable outside the US?

Today I decided to use the excellent discount Bruce Snyder have promoted on the upcoming book - ActiveMQ in Action. So I found it on the Manning website and was ready to fill in my details. As I have a paypall account as well, it was nice to see an option to be able to pay with paypall.

However when I hit the confirm order button I got this error message:
You don't seem to have supplied the recipient's shipping State.
You don't seem to have supplied the recipient's shipping Phone.
ou have selected PayPal as your payment method. Complete all remaining fields and click "Continue" to complete your order.

We people living outside US don't necessary fill in our home address using US standard. Most countries don't even have states. And in todays modern email word why do they need my phone number? I have been able to buy using paypal from other sites, and paypal itself have accepted my details.

I wonder why so many goes to Amazon and order books? You will be able to order it from Amazon UK and avoid massive import tax. And they don't care if I do not live in a state or do not have a phone number listed.

Oh I cannot enter the 2 missing information at the Manning website as the form is hidden/readonly due to the paypal integration. Maybe they need someone outside US to test their international shop as well? 

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