I was interviewed at DZone: Navigating the Integration Landscape - Claus Ibsen on Apache Camel

I was interviewed at DZone. Here is the teaser:
DZone had a chance to sit down with Claus Ibsen, author of the recently published Refcard Enterprise Integration Patterns with Apache Camel. In this interview, Claus, a Principal Engineer at Progress Software in the FUSE team, discusses best practices and pitfalls associated with application integration, and how Apache Camel addresses some of these challenges.  He surveys the open source ESB landscape, describes where Camel fits in and gives some valuable advice on how to properly evaluate and select the right ESB solution.

I had no influence on the questions asked, hence I was a bit puzzled with all the questions related to Synapse - maybe WSO2 had an influence on the questions :)

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