Real life story - Camel help track vehicles in Australia

I do think it was time for a break in my blog series on the progress on Apache Camel 2.0, and post a little intermission with a real life story.

A long time Camel user and contributor (Thanks Christopher for contributing to the Camel community with your great blogs, patches and involvement in the forums), Christopher Hunt, posted a great blog entry on his latest project - Titan Class goes into production. He uses a variety of various OSS projects to facilitate an application that is capable of tracking vehicles etc. 

I encourage you to take a minute to read his blog entry and enjoy the great screenshot of the application in action. I know its not often we can present nice and sexy screenshots with Camel.

Christopher have listed the Open Source projects used and its nice to see how diverse the list is and that its possible to build such applications. Imagine what it would have taken to do that 5-10 years ago in a single R&D department in a large corporation? Thanks to the innovation and spirit in the OSS space its now possible. And yes we gotta thank Google for doing Google Earth as well :)

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Christopher said...

Hi Claus,

Thanks for your recognition of my work. It is this kind of recognition that really fuels OSS!

Kind regards,