Those where the days where the internet led did not go green

Monday night a storm hit southern Sweden and as the blog title indicates the storm did bring in other issues than just rain and thunders. Next morning the internet connection led did not go green and thus not much you can do. The enjoyment of having the first cup of coffee isn't quite the same as you cant take it easy and read the news on the net and turn to your mail box to see how many millions I have won in all the lotteries or what's the spam of today is.
As I get up before most of other people I had to wait until 8 am before my ISP provider opens the support center. Well you still get a voice machine.

In the old days you used to navigate these call centers by pressing the numbers on the phone. But not today they use voice recognition. So as a Danish citizen living and working in Sweden its a challenge to understandable swedish for a voice machine to understand that I just want to get a status when the internet will be back. After several tries and having a lot of "I don't understand you" from the voice lady, I won, it gave up and presented me the good old fashioned button menu navigation. With this I could press 4 and then 3 and get the status. And guess what, the next time I call in its much faster with the button navigation as I could just press 4 and 3 again. But no the damn phone company want to pesky me with that voice lady again. 

As the phone company is the largest in Scandinavia I guess they reaction to remedy the internet for a local town in the southern Sweden isn't on their top of the list. So today the internet is still not green and the latest estimate is 3pm this afternoon. Well guess what they said that yesterday as well. They just add 6 hours to the clock each time. 

Well one service they offered that I thought would be cool was that you could type in your mobile phone number and will receive a text message when the internet is green again. But yet again they would not accept my mobile number as it was from another vendor. Aint it sweet when companies just go to big and don't bother with the little people.

And on top of that I missed the latest episode of Heros last night, couldn't see digital TV either as its also requires the internet led to be green.

So appreciate when you internet led is green. You newer know when a storm is coming and having a ISP provider that is slower than a turtle to remedy infrastructure that people start to take for granted. 

Maybe wireless broadband is the future, haven't heard of any major phone company having 2 days downtime on the mobile phone net.

Just heard that in Denmark the record was topped for the most used active hour last day. More than 2.600.000 minutes was registered on the mobile net during a hour last day. That is 50% of the population was talking for 1 minute in that hour!

Yeah since you can read this blog entry I guess the internet led is green again.
The downtime was 3 days, on the 4th day the internet led did go green again :)

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Christopher said...

Having implemented 2 speech recognition systems for a telco here in Australia I can tell you that, given the T.O.C. and the customer experience, organisations should just hire humans. There are plenty of stay-at-home parents that would love the opportunity for a little casual labour during the hours that suit them in the day. Offices can be made so virtual that the problem really isn't a techincal one at all...

That is of course while the internet is still up!