Apache Camel 2.0m2 released

Yeah finally we got the 2nd and last milestone for Apache Camel 2 released.

And this time even the front page at Apache Camel has the news item in time :)

I had used 30 minutes to write a nice summary of the important new features in this release. But somehow Blogger managed to shrew things up so it got lost. Damn why does it not auto save and let you look back revisions of edits. What I could get back was just the first 2 lines. So I am not in the mood to rewrite it again, so I keep this blog post short.

You can check out from the release notes here.

This is the last planned milestone release. The plan is to use close in on the final release, fixing bugs and adding a few new features. And maybe taper a little with the API as we can seize the moment and do it before 2.0 is out. We hope to get 2.0 out within 1 month.

Please give 2.0m2 a test drive and we are especially interested in hearing about your experience if you upgrade from existing Camel 1.x applications.


Hendy said...

Thank you Claus for your work in Camel!

Regarding the lost post, I recommend you to install one or both of:

http://lazarus.interclue.com/ to save your forms and prevent accidental "uh-oh d&@$mn!" moment

http://www.scribefire.com/ as blogging client

Claus Ibsen said...

Thanks Hendy for the links to the plugins to save my forms. Comes handy when the 2.0 announcement blog post is to be written.