Need tooling for Camel? We got FUSE tooling

At FUSE we do have tooling for Apache Camel. In fact the new FUSE Integration Designer 1.2 release is out of the door.

This tool have visual route editing for Apache Camel. My fellow colleague Oisin Hurley, whom is the leader on FUSE tooling announced it on his blog.

What is especially interesting for Camel in this release is that they have added all the EIP patterns we have in Camel. And its really cool to finally be able to see the routes in great looking diagrams. Its like being able to see the Matrix code as motion picture instead of green scrolling text.

Its a two way editor so you can import existing Camel routes, continue to edit them and export it back. And yes you can also export the diagrams as image files so you can put them in word documents or the likes.

You can read more about the FUSE Integration Designer and downloads at this link.

And head over to the FUSE Tooling forum where you can ask questions about the tooling and even meet Oisin himself on the forum.

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