Apache Camel 2.0m3 released

The 3rd milestone release of Apache Camel have just been released - Apache Camel 2.0m3.

What at first seemed like a quicker release of Apache Camel 2.0 in the start of 2009 have been postponed to a late summer 2009 release instead.

We decided to go for a longer release to do even more API cleanup to pave the road for a solid 2.x foundation, as we are not keen on starting another major 3.0 release this year that would be required if we needed to work on the API yet again.

This time the foundation is nearly settled as we are in a position where we can do internal improvements without affecting end users at all or 3rd party component builders. For instance we have lined up ideas for performance improvements in Camel 2.x, that would not have been possible if we did not undertake the extra work we did in this 3rd milestone release.

There are one more task left before we can do a Camel 2.0 release. We would like to do a few minor modifications to the Exchange API both externally and internally. The goal is to improve both ease of use and laying the last brick in the 2.0 wall.

The release notes of 2.0 m3 highlights the most noticeable changes and new features.

You can grab the release from the download page and/or from the central maven repos.