Getting started with Apache Camel webinar

This morning I did brew a kettle of coffee and had a danish (hint: its bread) ready for breakfast.

Then I fired up Firefox and hit this url which have a new webinar listed - Getting started with Camel: FUSE Mediation Router. You find the webinar under the archived section.

A colleague of mine Scott Cranton (Progress Software) does a great presentation in about 90 minutes. He does a fantastic introduction what Camel is, and explains it really well with diagrams and an example we all can relate to. If you are new to Camel or have the 15 minutes he used to cover this I encourage you to take a look. After all you have to do is to have a cup of coffee ready and then sit back and view and listen.

Then he goes on with live demos where he shows how to use Camel to solve real problems that he have encountered at FUSE customers. He does all that from inside Eclipse so you are going to see live code and how Camel works well in Eclipse as developer environment.

At the end there are questions from the audience which may give answers to some of your questions as well.

Scott mention that there is a 2nd webinar on the road. Yes its the next logical step where Dan Van Santeen shows how to deploy and run Camel in other containers such as Apache ServiceMix etc. The link for this webinar is here.

PS: Using Safari the webinar did not output sound, so I switched to use FireFox and it worked.


Scott Cranton said...

Wow, who'd think that anyone actually pays attentions to my webinars :-)

Thanks for the shout out, keep out the awesome work with Camel!

Sara Reid said...

The webinar will show how to simplify integration by creating enterprise integration patterns and processes in FUSE Integration Designer, an easy-to-use Eclipse-based integration tool, and deploying in FUSE Mediation Router, a fully productized and supported distribution of Apache Camel.

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Unknown said...

Where can I get source code for webinar example?


Claus Ibsen said...


You can get the files at the FUSE webinar home page

Unknown said...