Camel in Action - New chapters in MEAP and special discount code

As Jonathan already have announced there are two new chapters available for the Camel in Action book.

I will quote from Jonathan what chapter 2 covers:
Chapter 2 is basically all about routing - a pretty fundamental topic for Camel! I cover route creation in Java and Spring, as well as several EIPs. Since it is such an early chapter its pretty hand-holding throughout - you don't need to know Spring or EIPs beforehand, for instance. 
The other new chapter is chapter 4 (Yes we have rearranged the chapters a bit.). It covers how to use beans with Camel. You may think there isn't material to mandate a topic about beans? Well Camel does go through great lengths to ensure using beans is easy and painless. But under the covers a lot is happening and this chapter discloses what and how. We wrote the code so we damn well talk about how it works :). The goal is to help you better understand and leverage the many features Camel provides for using beans. Camel has clever parameter binding which allows you to have loose coupling between Camel and your beans. It also have a arsenal of parameter and method annotations which has its merits as well. The chapter is also written in a more engaging style allowing you to try out and test as we goes. 

Beware Manning have not yet updated the table of contents in the book website. I assume they will do this later today to reflect the latest rearrangement.

We are also happy to announce that Manning have provided us with a special discount code for this MEAP update. You can get 30% discount for any of the Camel in Action versions (ebook, print book or combo). Use checkout code camel30 from the Camel in Action website.

As always we love feedback and suggestions on the book forum.

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