Camel in Action - Straight to the top of the Manning bestselling chart

Manning recently published Camel in Action available from their MEAP program.

Now a week later they published the updated list of the bestsellers, and yes Camel in Action tops that list. That is fantastic response from the community that there is indeed a demand for such a type of book. For us the authors its a tremendous boost in morale and makes the hard and late hours writing more enjoyable.

This blog entry is also a kind a reminder for myself in the future that I had a book on the top of a chart.

I guess by next week the chart has another book on the top, and who knows if Camel in Action is even in the top 10.


Claus Ibsen said...

A reminder to myself.

Camel in Action was number 1 for 2 weeks in row. And on the 3. week it was listed as number 6.

SI in Action was number #3 for 2 weeks and on the 3rd it was outside the top 10 list.

Claus Ibsen said...

The 3rd week CIA was out of top10 as well was SI