Getting started with Apache Camel webinar part 2

This is a blot post on the 2nd part of a webinar series about getting started with Apache Camel.
If you missed the first part then I recommend checking this blog post first.

Scott Cranton, Progress, continues in this 2nd part of the webinar by looking at the different deployment options using Apache Camel.

He shows among others the following different deployment options:
  • Standalone Java Application
  • Web Application
  • Spring Application
  • ActiveMQ
  • OSGi in Apache Karaf / Apache ServiceMix
The webinar is listed at the webinar page at http://fusesource.com under webinars.
And its titled - Getting Started with Camel deployments.

During the presentation Scott talks about how Camel compares to other integration products. He mention a link on my blog, which is this one.

And may I add that I personally think its very important, when you compare/investigate products, that you spend equally time looking at the community surrounding the products. As as we say at Apache - Community over Code! I talk about this in more details at my interview at dzone a while back. Another source worth checking out is the links to articles at the Camel site.

Well go grab a big cup of coffee and get ready and watch Scott in action with the 2nd part.

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