Camel community strikes again - Two new components contributed to Apache

The binaries from last 2.1 release has just landed on the various mirrors sites and we already got great stuff coming in the next 2.2 release.

Christian Mueller have recently contributed two new components to Apache Camel they are using in production at his company. This is fantastic as they are production proven components. Thanks a lot.

Christian contributed the FTPS (FTP over SSL) component which now brings the FTP to a total of three variations: regular FTP, SFTP (FTP over SSH) and the new FTPS (FTP over SSL). That is fantastic as if you want FTP then we got all those variations out of the box.

Christian also contributed camel-smpp which integrates Camel with Short Message Center to send and receive SMS. That is fantastic timing as others in the community is on lookout for such a component.

Christian and others keep up to great work. This is another testimony that Camel is all about community and love contributions. Without all these great contributions over the time, Camel wouldn't have the impressive list of components , languages and data formats we do today.


Christopher said...

Awesome re. the SMPP component - how incredibly timely for me as I'm about to write an app that needs to do some SMS stuff.

I thought about using the gateway's HTTP based application protocol but now I can easily use their SMSC directly.

Nice work Christian.

I presume that I can download the source of the component and get it working with 2.1 i.e. there are no 2.2 dependencies... I shall find out...

Unknown said...


an idea : do you think to create a new component to invoke job talend ?

Thanks in advance,

best regards