Apache Camel - 2009 in numbers

Now we are all safe into 2010 I hope.

Just to do a quick post on some of the numbers for the Apache Camel project in year 2009.

Number of posts on Camel user forum in 2009: 5634
Number of commits in 2009: 4947 (commit mails send to public forum).
Number of tickets created in 2009: 1115 (where as 123 are still unresolved).
Number of tickets resolved in 2009: 1447
Number of tickets updated in 2009 but still unresolved: 149
Number of unresolved tickets not updated in 2009 or later: 2

I am sure you can dig more numbers if you got the time to hunt them down.

From the numbers I notice that we resolved more tickets in 2009 than created which means we are up-to-date with the issues reported. In fact there are only 146 (6%) open tickets currently. And for people reporting tickets we are surely bound to take a look as there are only 2 tickets which was not updated in 2009 at all. These 2 tickets are old tickets about a Groovy DSL and supporting Spring property placeholders. The latter is not possible due limitations in Spring Framework itself. The former is not in much demand. And you can already use Groovy for Camel DSL. So in case you have any issue with Camel we have a positive track record of looking into it.

Are there any numbers you would like to look at? Ohloh got some numbers for LOC and whatnot. It does however not have a solid history as Ohloh could not cope with the Apache Top Level Move we did in early 2009 so some of the metrics are not accurate.

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Wandrille said...

You're doing a great job guys. We loooove Camel. Keep up the good work.