Deal of the Day - ActiveMQ and Camel in action - 2 for 1

Manning have a deal of the day today, which means you can buy both ActiveMQ in Action and Camel in Action for the price of one. The deal is for all both print, ebook or print + ebook.

Use coupon code DOTD0401
As its a deal of the day its only valid the 1st of April 2010.

A new MEAP update of Camel in Action should be out shortly, which should include 3 new chapters. 


Architect-Seenu said...

I bought ActiveMQ in Action 2 weeks ago, I knew I should have waited. My next book is Camel in Action.

Andrea Tarocchi said...

Sorry, the coupon code you entered does not exist.

april's fool ? :P

Claus Ibsen said...

I have been told these codes by Manning

The code will be DOTD0401tw (twitter), DOTD0401cc (email), and DOTD0401 (our website)

Andrea Tarocchi said...

Actually the code now is working!
tnx for the info!
(may be a temporary April's fools :D)