Apache Camel and BPEL

As one of the founders of Apache Camel, James Strachan announced last year, we will switch the Camel routing engine to be 100% BPEL based. BPEL have just proven to be superior as it locks down the number of choices and freedom you may otherwise have with Camel. And on top of that you can tell management and decision makers that Camel is standardized on one of the few acronyms they may have heard about.

With this decision in mind, Jonathan and I have decided to scratch the Camel in Action book and start all over again and have it titled BPEL in Action. Existing MEAP subscribers is asked kindly to delete their received pdf files and patiently wait 2 years for us to re-write the 14 chapters.

Okay its not the 1st of April, but this is of course not going to happen. However there is a slight grain of truth in there. There has been people in the Camel community who have been asked about native PBEL support in Camel. So with that in mind we have started a camel-ode component, which leverages the Apache ODE BPEL framework. The source code is in trunk and you are more than welcome to help out of you are interested. The code is currently a prototype and it definitly need some more love to turn it into a beautitful Camel component. I am personally way to deep into the Camel book to be able to spend my spare time on finishing the camel-ode component. So please help us out. Maybe your organization already uses BPEL and thus would be much interested to have it supported out of the box in Camel. 

If you can't wait for BPEL in Camel then FUSE ESB 4.2 now provides PBEL support. 


christian posta said...

Claus, what were the ending thoughts on this: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/CAMEL-2671

That ODE component was a better fit in the JBI world?

Claus Ibsen said...

If people in the community starts asking for ODE support out of the box from Camel. Then yeah we can pickup this component and dust the code.