Impressions from the London Fuse Community Day

I am waiting at the airport for my flight back home. I have about 1 hour to kill and might as well seise the moment and write a blog entry about my impressions from the fuse community day we held here in London.

At first I have to say that I must have picked a really bad spot at the airport, the Bridge Bar - terminal 3.
I have never had such a terrible old fashioned burger with crisps before. After a night out with beers and drinks, I am really not that picky about food the day after. Food like you would categorize as junk food suits in fact well. I immediately had a bad feeling when I had to order at the bar and barely got back to my seat before the waiter arrived with my meal. This is one of the first times I have to just eat less than 25% of the meal before giving up.

Back to the community day. Before arriving to the sense at the Skills Matter Exchange office, I had an impression it would be a regular and a bit fancy office. But it turned out to be a really rustic area which reminded me of a garage or warehouse which has been painted up a bit and installed a kitchen. The area was perfect for such a event as the FUSE community days, as we really want to make it a informal event where we have a line of mixed speakers and that you get the chance to network and chat with others over coffee and beers. I personally enjoyed listening to others about the business planes, ideas and integration challenges they are facing.

I was the first speaker on the stand and I was given in addition 20 minutes so this time my presentation had additional slides and more time to go more deep than the event in Germany.
We had a brief hands up in terms of who was using Camel and there was not full hands, so this was a great chance for me to enlighten people what Camel is and what it may be able to help you with. After the presentation there was great questions from the audience and with the help of James Strachan we managed to give back great answers.

I was impressed by James Casey who presented a talk about how CERN uses FUSE as a messaging backbone in their IT portfolio. Dan Salt presented a very interesting talk about some of the mornings challenges in the energy section having the need for a "smart grid".

In between Adrian Trenaman from Progress, gave a talk about scaling up Apache ServiceMix, which was a perfect follow up on my Camel talk, as people are interesting to know how to run their Camel applications in a clustered environment, which ServiceMix 4 fit in well.

Debbie Moynihan from FUSE marketing was also present, and she had audio and video equipment with her, so all the talks was recorded. She said she will have the recordings processed and post it on the FUSE website.

I was told that they are planning a new FUSE community day in Paris after the holidays. And that London and Frankfurt is on the radar next year as well. So if Camel is still interesting these times around, then I may be able to attend and give a talk. Regardless of what the days is a really cozy and relaxed day. I wish back in my previous days that such kind of events was more around. Much easier to convince your boss to take a day out of the office, when everything is free.


Camel in Action - In final review

I better write this blog entry today, the 4th of June 2010. Its exactly 11 months since I started writing for real on the Camel in Action book (July 4th 2009). So today Jonathan and I have completed the 14 chapters for the book, which means we enter a new phase - the final review.

What happens now is the material will be send out to a group of people who return feedback. In the mean time, we the authors, will start working on other aspects to complete the book, such as indexing, adding last minute minor changes and updates, overhaul all the summaries, polish the figures etc. The feedback comes back and we incorporate the changes needed. Then the next milestone is going into the production phase. This is the phase where we have professional copy editors and tech reviewers assigned to help go through each and every chapter 3 more times - line by line, word by word. And on top of that a professional graphical artist helps ensure the figures is sharp and crystal.

In additional the appendixes, the front matter, and the forewords have to be written and added. And from a marketing standpoint the description of the book, author bios etc. must be updated and distributed to the various book sites. And much else I have forgot and at this time of writing is unaware of.

So there is plenty of work to do. In fact the publisher told us, that from now on, the work load would be more intense because of more aggressive deadlines and being able to react quicker as more people is involved now.

All together the book will come out of print in fall 2010, I was told October is a likely month.

But one thing which cannot interfere is me having beers and following the world cup. Even though Denmark is most likely to fall short and not make so far.

And yes a new MEAP will be published as well. I expect Manning to do this sometime next week, while I am visiting London for the FUSE community day.

PS: If you think you have the time and interest in being part of the final review. Then let me know so I can get the publisher to contact you about this.


I am going to London for the free FUSE community day

I am attending the 2nd FUSE community day this year. This time its happening in London.

And I am giving the honor to be the first speaker, as I was in Germany, but this time I am given additional 30 minutes. So either people in UK are a bit slow compared to the people from the continental Europe, or its just the fact that there is love for Camel and people want to hear more. 

I will speak about Apache Camel at the FUSE community day (its free to attend), which is held on June 10th 2010 in London.  We start at 9:00 am having a reception and the talks will start 1 hour later. We have a full packed day planned with great speakers.

At 4:30 pm its time for "evaluation" where you can join us for a drink and chat with the many great minds at FUSE and network/mingle with the other participants. This is most like the best event as you will get free drinks and talk with others who may face the same daily challenges as you. And the world cup is starting the next day so we can always fallback and talk about footie.

You can see the agenda which is listed on the FUSE Site.

10th of June

9:00AM to 4:30PM

Skills Matter eXchange, 116-120 Goswell Road, London

Who Should Attend
Developers, architects, engineers and IT managers

How to register
Use this link.