Camel in Action - In production

Yesterday on July 16th 2010, Jonathan and I handed over the material for Camel in Action to production.

Just 30 minutes before the deadline I uploaded the latest revisions to chapter 10. I have been busy the last couple of days adding a new section about scalability. The section was a bit longer than I planned, but hey there is now almost 9 pages extra. So why did we do this? Well the reason is Apache Camel 2.4 has just been released and we decided to upgrade the book to fully cover this version. And the major new feature in 2.4 is the fully non blocking asynchronous routing engine, which means a great deal for scalability. Also there is minor updates to other chapters which covers the new features or improvements from 2.4. All together the book is up-to-date and covers the latest release of Camel.

The source code for the book has been upgraded, and it was even used to help test the 2.4 release candidate.

We will publish a MEAP update next week. And speaking of MEAPs. Manning told us that the book has been really well received and we have so far sold 1142 copies (MEAP only). So if you are using Camel, then you are definitely not alone out there.

So this weekend may actually be one of the few weekends where I will not work on the book? Well guess wrong, there is still material to write such as: Two additional appendixes, front matter and part openers. So Jonathan and I will still be busy writing. And did I mention that the production phase means Jonathan and I am going to revise each chapter at least three times. There are professional tech- and copy editors and graphic artists assigned. They make a tremendous improvement and the material is so much more enjoyable to read when they have had a go at it.

If you are interested in the book, then head to the fusesource website where we have a exclusive discount code and excerpts from the book as well.


Exclusive excerpts and 40% discount code for Camel/ActiveMQ in Action books

It's just by coincidence that both the Camel in Action and ActiveMQ in Action books are entering the production phase. This means the material for the chapters have been handed over for production.

In this regard fusesource have exclusive excerpts available for free (no registration required):
- Chapter 9: Learn about using transactions with Camel
- Chapter 5: Learn how messages are stored in AMQ on KahaDB

If you are in the lookup to buy either or both books then stop by the fusesource site to find the 40% discount code you can use when ordering from the Manning web store.

If you want to know more about transactions with Camel then fusesource also have a free guide on this matter, which you can find here.