Apache Camel - Webinars available on demand from FuseSource

If you missed our live webinar sessions covering Apache Camel, they are now available on demand at FuseSource.

The "Introduction to Apache Camel", is the webinar which I gave. We start from the beginning and talk when and why Apache Camel came to life. You will earn how Enterprise Integration Patterns fits in with Apache Camel. The major features and highlights of Camel is also covered. At the end I talk about the state of the open source community at Apache Camel and how well we are doing.

Jonathan Anstey did the part 2 of the webinar "Apache Camel Deployment Options", where he goes much more in depth covering some of the possible deployment options you have with the Camel. To go with that he shows live code from Eclipse for each option he covers. The downloads from this webinar contains the example source code which can be a good pillar for you to try out Camel and even use as skeleton for a project of yours.

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