Camel 2.5 - Encrypting passwords for endpoint configurations

Dejan Bosanac co-author of ActiveMQ in Action, just recently added a new feature to Apache ActiveMQ to easily use encrypted passwords in the configuration files.

We have had such a feature on the radar for Camel for some time as well. So Ashwin Karpe and I discussed this a bit and we got started on it. As I have a weekend off writing on my book, I actually had the time to implement the most bits of this feature for Camel as well.

We use Jasypt, which is an easy to use encryption and decryption framework. This makes it fairly easy to implement with Camel, as all we had to do is to integrate it with the existing properties component in Camel, which allows the new camel-jasypt component to decrypt properties on-the-fly.

The documentation at Apache is already mostly updated so I refer you to go there and read more.

I am sure Ashwin and I will expand this feature a bit more and maybe introduce Jasypt as a Camel data format and/or a component. This allows you to use it for your messages as well.

This feature will be available in the upcoming Apache Camel 2.5, which is scheduled to be released later this month.

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