Camel in Action - One year anniversary

Exactly one year ago we announced the Camel in Action book and had it put out for pre-sale at Manning using their MEAP program.

Today the manuscript is complete and we are in the process of type setting the first chapters. So far chapter 1 and 2 has been type set. The other chapters will follow day by day.

I am currently battling with some minor updates for chapter 13 based on new features and improvements introduced in Apache Camel 2.5. Which btw is expected to be released in the near term. The release is to be cut this weekend.

Today I spoke with the publisher and they told me that so far the MEAP sales is at 1578. This is a great high number and gives a strong message to the community that there is a great interrest in Apache Camel. As you may know I have previously blogged that Camel in Action is a best seller already.

To celebrate this they gave us a discount coupon code you can use when ordering the book camel40au. Yes the code gives 40% discount.

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