Apache Camel - 2010 in numbers

Last year I did this blog post about numbers for 2009, so I thought I should do it again this year.

Just to do a quick post on some of the numbers for the Apache Camel project in year 2010.

Number of releases in 2010: Camel 1.x = 2 releases. Camel 2.x = 4 releases.
Number of posts on Camel user forum in 2010: 6922
Number of commits in 2010: 3936 (commit mails send to public forum).
Total number of tickets created at end of 2010: 3477
Number of tickets created in 2010: 1148 (where as 120 are still unresolved).
Number of tickets resolved in 2010: 1136
Number of tickets updated in 2010: 1840 but still unresolved: 140
Number of unresolved tickets not updated in 2010 or later: 20

I am sure you can dig more numbers if you got the time to hunt them down.

Quickly comparing the numbers with 2009, reveals that the Camel project keeps being very active. We do have a high number of commits, and resolve many tickets. However this year we have a slightly lover number of commits, which most likely is due the fact that in 2009 we where busy working on creating Camel 2.0; and some of the core committers were busy writing a book :)

2011 is going to be a busy year as well, as we will start working on Camel 3.0, soon after we get Camel 2.6 released.

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