Camel in Action print book arrived

This is just a short blog entry as a reminder for myself that the Camel in Action print books arrived at my doorstep on January 4th 2011.

Camel in Action books

The books actually came on December 28th 2010, but I wasn't home.

The task is done and the book can be closed. I am ready for new adventures.


Unknown said...

Absolutely one of the finest books i ever read on any topic. Very well structured and explanations are very lucid and to the point. Examples are great. I was able to start coding with Camel effortlessly after reading your book. Phenomenal job. Hope you guys get to write a detailed book on ServiceMix 4.x.x as well

Claus Ibsen said...


Thank you for your fine words. Jonathan and I have spend a lot of time on this book and to provide many small examples in both Java and XML for you to more easily understand and get started with. Glad it seems to work.

I have heard rumors about a ServiceMix in Action book. So keep an eye on the Manning site.