How to do web service with CXF and ServiceMix webinar series

Adrian Trenaman is having the pleasure of hosting a webinar series on using web services. As far as I can tell there is three different webinars, so there is a lot of details to be covered:
  • How to Deploy a Web Service into ServiceMix using CXF
  • Using CXF with Camel in ServiceMix
  • How to Secure CXF Web Services with SSL/TLS and WS-Security
You can read more about the schedule and register at the FuseSource website. The webinar is free, all you have to do is to register.

Adrian is a solution architect for many years, who have traveld the world, and seen it all at various clients. So he has actually done the stuff he talks about in the real life. So he knows the pains and the gains.

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