Apache Camel 2.6 released

I got a little behind on my Camel blogging.

Recently we released Apache Camel 2.6, as posted on the Camel website.

Here is my highlights:
- Vastly improved OSGi blueprint
- Fixed some issues running Camel in OSGi
- Improved when deploying multiple Camel apps in the same JVM. There could potentially be a naming clash in the JMX server. Camel now mitigates this automatically by re-assigning naming to avoid the clash.
- Processors and custom beans is now enlisted in JMX if they are part of an route.
- Threads pools now uses better naming in JMX which makes it more obvious where the pool is in use
- Property placeholders in XML DSL can now be used in attributes for the EIPs as well (for the string typed attributes).
- You can use the keys from Exchange in the XML DSL directly. Eg: Exchange.FILE_NAME. That makes it easier to port between Java and XML DSL.
- Fixed some issues with the Aggregator EIP
- Reduced memory footprint when using Splitter EIP in parallel mode
- Added support for "done" files in ftp/file component as I previously have blogged about.
- Some improvements to JMS in terms of JMSReplyTo
- More checks on startup to validate configuration
- Easier debugging using the Camel test kit
- JDBC based aggregation repository.
- 8 new components and 2 new data formats

The community continues to kick ass, they donated 5 new components, 2 new data formats, and 3 new examples. And and usual the community keep providing patches, report issues, ideas for improvements and as well taking Camel into other communities.


Unknown said...

Congrats !!
Yet another release from one of the best examples of community effort that rely makes a difference for our every day work.
Keep i coming.

Claus Ibsen said...

Thanks Preben. Yeah the Camel community is really rocking!