Speaking at TSSJS, DevNexus and CamelOne

Gunnar Hillert, who help organizes DevNexus posted a blog, encouraging speakers to spread the word about the conference. So here I am.

Here is my schedule for my current known events:

So I am exited to go on the road again. However the double event in the states, leave me away from family for about 2 weeks. This would be my 2nd visit to Las Vegas, and this time I make sure to see the "big hole in the ground they have". I will also visit some of our FuseSource customers while I am in town.

If you go to any of those event, then I would love to meetup and say hi. Maybe even cheers over a beer. And if you have a copy of the Camel in Action book, then take it along, and you can have it signed.

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