Enterprise Integration Cards

In the giftbag at the CamelOne conference hosted by FuseSource, there was a great gift - Enterprise Integration Play Cards, which illustrates all the great EIPs, which we know from the EIP book by Gregor Hohpe and Bobby Wolff.

At CamelOne we had the honor of having Gregor Hophe presenting a key note on the state of Enterprise Integration Patterns. It was a great keynote that was both entertaining and disclosed information how Gregor and Bobby came to the idea of cataloging and standardize integration, which became the EIP book.

However I will save a blog entry later for more impressions from the CamelOne conference. In this blog I wanted to show you the playing cards.

Here is a photo that Gregor posted on twitter.

EIP playing cards (photo by Gregor Hohpe)
Gregor asks does an Aggregator trump the Content Based Router? We are waiting for Gregors answer :)


Geert Schuring said...

Those are NICE. I'm going to make sure I get my hands on those during the Fuse Community day next week in Frankfurt.

Claus Ibsen said...

Yep we will have cards to hand out at the Fuse community days. Have a nice time there. Unfortunately I cannot make it to Frankfurt this time.