Two new Fuse IDE videos showing Camel development and runtime message tracing

The Fuse IDE, which is our developer tooling for Apache Camel, ServiceMix and ActiveMQ was recently released as 2.0. This new major versions introduces major new features in the area of insight into running applications. For example you can browse endpoints, JMX trees, view any Camel routes as graphical EIPs, and trace messages.
Browsing endpoints and JMX

At FuseSource we have created two videos to show this tooling in Action. The first video shows how you can create a new Camel project that throttles a web service between two business.

Throttling a service between two business
The 2nd video shows the Camel insight in action, where you can browse endpoints, send messages to endpoints, and trace messages as they are being routed. That means you can see a graphical representation of the route and step through the route and see the content of the message as it changes.
Tracing messages in Camel routes (single step)

You can see the videos from the following links

We will create and publish new videos in the future to demonstrate other features of the Fuse IDE tooling. So stay tuned. You can read and see more details about Fuse IDE here. If you have feedback and issues using the tooling you can use our online forum to get in touch with us and talk to other users.

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