Todays webinar - Getting Started with Apache Camel Fuse IDE

Today FuseSource is hosting a 1 hour webinar on getting started with Apache Camel with Fuse IDE.

FuseIDE is a graphical, Eclipse-based tool for integrating software components that work with Apache ServiceMix, ActiveMQ and Camel and can help you with your messaging and integration projects.

Developing Camel applications with Fuse IDE in Eclipse

If you are not currently using Apache Camel you might not know that it is a powerful and flexible integration toolset that allows users to create integration routes between software components using the Camel domain-specific language (DSL). Fuse IDE goes one step further and allows users to connect components visually. With a simple drag and a drop developers and architects can create, debug, and deploy simple or complex routes and integrate systems quickly and easily.

The webinar starts at 5pm central european time.

You can find more details here, and how to register for the webinar.

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