Fish and Chips in London, and Oysters in Paris

Last week I was speaking at the Fuse Community Days in London and Paris. This is a blog entry of my impressions from that trip.

So this was my 2nd time I attend and speak at the London Fuse Community Days, which is located in the Skills Matters facility. The facility is a bit rustic and gives an impression of more informal and hands-down atmosphere. This is what I really like about these community days. It gives every body attending a great opportunity to meet and great and share ideas and solutions.

Fuse Community Day in London, at Skills Matters
It was a great day, and I spoke to many Camel end users, who are not necessary FuseSource customers, but they all spoke well of Camel - there is a lot of love for Camel. For example Julien from BBC who I helped by implementing the done file function for the file and ftp components.

However this blog title is about Fish and Chips, so the day before I went on a stroll in London, and find myself a nice little restaurant where I could enjoy the trademark dish of England - Fish and Chips.

Fish and chips with peas in Lodon
After the Lodon event, we traveled to Paris for the upcoming community day. The day before the event we went out with fellow speakers to a fancy restaurant in Paris. Because we was a large party we were only given two choices for starters, main and desert. As I really dislike four grass I had to go for the oysters. I prefer my oysters spiced or with soya etc, not raw, the seafood taste is not a favorite. As I did not finish up all my oysters the waitress though I disliked them, and asked if I wanted a salad or something. Well the oysters was fine, but I cannot eat 10 for starters. The main dish was a big steak, with french friese. Not as fancy as I would have thought. The desert was some italian dish, which is bonds with ice cream and hot chocolate on top.

Debbie pouring hot chocolate on my desert. Its Larry Alston or CEO next to me.
It was time for a photo of the desert, so Debbie setup and poured more chocolate on my desert. After the restaurant we had a late night beer at the hotel, before turning in.

The next day we attended the Fuse Community Day in Paris. It was another successful day. This time we have a mix of talks in English and French. Even though it was my 2nd time in Paris, my French haven't improved beyond "bonjour". I am ending this blog entry with "au revoir".

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