Todays Webinars about Database Integration with Camel

Today my colleague Charles Moulliard is giving a webinar about database integration with Apache Camel. Charles will give the presentation twice today, one time slot suited for EMEA and another for US.

Enterprise integration projects often include databases, and creating Apache Camel message routes in the context of database connection and transaction management are nontrivial. The first part of this 2-part webinar series will introduce you to several integration components and demonstrate how easy it is to configure them to give access to the information persisted in a database. Particular attention will be given to the pros and cons of each component, and when to use each. We will also cover how to avoid losing messages during database connection calls using transactions.

Links for more details

If you miss the webinar, then its recorded and will be available later on demand.


cmoulliard said...

The session of this morning has been a success ! I'm preparing the US now. Participants have appreciated Apache Camel JDBc, SQL, JPA and Transactions.

pcheevers said...

I missed the session when will I be able to retrieve the recorded webinar?

pcheevers said...

I missed the session.When will I be able to retrieve the recording

Claus Ibsen said...

The recorded webinars will become available at the fusesource webiste at: http://fusesource.com/resources/video-archived-webinars/